The November ACTA meeting was held in beautiful Tasmania and I would like to thank Community Transport Service Tasmania for hosting the delegation.

The meeting was well attended as usual, and I thank you for taking the time and effort away from your organisations to serve on ACTA’s board and foster its vision.

There was a lot of ground covered particularly around issues with the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care Packages as Government funding forcing the hand of agencies across the nation into a more commercialised business model approach.


The Board’s view on the performance of the NDIS on a national level has been collated in a position paper and will be sent to multiple sources for campaigning in the coming weeks.

Alliances with the National Disability Services (NDS) have been formally agreed to and ACTA will join in the organisations plight to advocate for those living with a disability and issues over the scheme.

More information about NDS can be found:

Including a comprehensive library of resources for organisations to utilise.


The number of people who are going to their local provider advising of the lack of funding relating to the NDIS or Aged Care Package continues.

Many reports on a national level are being received with clients seeking subsidised transport rates in conjunction to top up funds for transport.  Individual organisation are dealing with this based on different business decisions but ACTA want to cement in stone the actual case studies and how frequently this is happening.